Article 5

Requirements for Certification

Section 1: To be eligible to receive a certificate from the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology (ABCMT),
the candidate must meet all of the following requirements. The candidate must:  


Be a graduate of an approved school of medicine (MD, DO, or equivalent) and be familiar with
and licensed to order
or supervise the administration of intravenous treatments.


Be currently licensed to practice in the state, where he/she conducts his practice.  


Have two letters of recommendation from American Diplomates in Chelation Therapy or American
or Internationally Certified persons in Clinical Metal Toxicology.

Section 2: Applicants desiring examination for certification must:


File an application, which shall set forth the applicants qualifications for examination as stated in
a, b, and c, of Section 1.  


File such application with the secretary and/or the executive director of the ABCMT by certified mail,
sufficiently in advance of the next scheduled examination  

Section 3: Prior to the granting of a certificate in Clinical Metal Toxicology the candidate must:


Successfully complete the written examination, less than 3 years prior, before being eligible to take the oral  examination


Successfully complete oral examination before being proposed for Board Certification.


Show evidence by letter of affidavit of being responsible for the administration of two thousand intravenous infusions for the treatment of heavy metal toxicity.


Prior to oral examination, submit copies of complete records of six patients who have been chelated at least thirty  times under his/her direct supervision and responsibility, and who have had post-treatment  evaluation.  These records shall comply with the “Guidelines” issued by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology


Prior to the oral examination, the candidate is to spend a minimum of 2 days preceptorship with a physician certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology by ABCMT and approved by the board. The preceptor may require additional time if necessary to endorse applicant’s training.


The preceptor will be responsible of notifying the ABCMT office as to the candidate's qualifications and has potential to act as a preceptor and/or in leadership role in ABCMT. 


The candidate will pay a preceptorship fee of $200 US per day payable to ABCMT. The preceptor will receive a credit of $100 US toward the following years ABCMT dues for his/her service.  


The candidate will write a publishable quality paper as approved by Publication Review Committee.  This committee may utilize PhD’s, and board advisors as well as board members.  


After the oral examination the candidate will be required to submit 3 questions and answers with references acceptable to the Examination Committee of the Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology for use in future written examinations.


The candidate should have the appropriate license of practice IV infusions from their respective states and be similarly formally registered for such practices.

Section 4: After successful completion of all examinations, the candidates will be proposed for certification
by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, in its particular field