Why you want an ABCMT doctor!             Why you want to be an ABCMT doctor!  

ABCMT has been certifying doctors for 24 years.  The doctor must be a D.O. or M.D. and licensed to practice in his (his/her) state.  He (He/She) must take a comprehensive course on the diagnosis and treatment of Metal Toxicity and related diseases.  He then takes a test administered by ABCMT and upon passing becomes a Diplomate Candidate in Clinical Metal Toxicology.

He must continue his training, get two letters of recommendation, do at least 2000 intravenous treatments for metal toxicity, serve a preceptorship with a physician certified by ABCMT in Clinical Metal Toxicology, write a publishable paper with references,  submit six completed charts for comprehensive review and take an oral examination administered by ABCMT certified physicians.  Upon passing the orals his status changes to Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology and he is designated a Clinical Metal Toxicologist.

ABCMT has been certifying doctors for 24 years.  By obtaining certification you become a leader in the field of Clinical Metal Toxicology.  It instills your patients with the confidence that you are knowledgeable, well trained and on the cutting edge of a fast growing medical discipline.  We will establish a proactive political presence to obtain recognition and approval of your certification as a Clinical Metal Toxicologist with medical boards, insurance providers and government authorities.

ABCMT will continue to monitor and improve standards of care in Clinical Metal Toxicology based on research, physician experience and patient outcomes.  We will build an organization that will be recognized as the leader in providing the protocols and certifying physicians in the medical discipline of Clinical Metal Toxicology.

As a member, ABCMT will provide you with comradery, referrals, web presence, knowledge source, discounted services, marketing tools and a proactive political presence.  We will establish a virtual community in which you can grow.


Diplomate & Diplomate Candidate Designation

Diplomate Candidate - After taking the Basic Metals course and passing the written exam, the doctor is a Diplomate Candidate of Clinical Metal Toxicology.

Diplomate - After completing up to 3 years of clinical work and 2000 IV infusions, writing a paper, submitting charts for review and passing the Oral Boards the doctor is a Diplomate in Clinical Metal Toxicology.


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